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Sleeping With Siri(pdf)

What would life be like without technology, especially after a week spent gorging on it?

Be Nicer(Jewish In Seattle, October 2017)

Would it kill you to smile? If you don’t have anything nice to say…come up with something.

Higher Ground Hits the Ballot Box(Higher Ground, July 2020)

We’ve turned our attention to voting.

Writers Against Trump(September 2020)

We've arrived at the most critical election in our history...

The Crossfit Diaries(pdf) (Seattle Weekly, June 2013)

Surviving a month inside the world of CrossFit, where burpees reign, pleasure is pain and the fanatics eat like cavemen.

Tweet No Evil(pdf) (Seattle Weekly, June 2011)

In an effort to reprogram my brain toward a less foul-mouthed future, I decided to take the radical step of removing all trash talk, mudslinging, and taunting tweets from my everyday existence for an entire month.

The Dead Guy Interviews

Stusser chats with forty-five of the most famous personalities of all time, asking them probing and illuminating questions about their lives, conquests, and what’s on their iPods.

Long line of Jewish comedians ahead of Seinfeld(CNN, December 2007)

Handed down since Moses was kvetching about having to cross the desert in his bare feet, Jewish humor emanated from Eastern Europe where the Hebrews overcame some seriously hellacious circumstances on the way to the Promised Land.

Organicize Me(Seattle Weekly, February 2007)

I've made more failed New Year's resolutions than Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan combined. But this year, things are gonna be different: No Big Macs, brewskies, or Frankenfoods of any kind. And, if by going organic, I help save the planet, all the better.

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