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The Seattle Times

Hunter S. Thompson: Appreciation(pdf)

To be honest, most of us never figured the crazy bastard would make it this far. Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson turned a gun on himself and took his own life this week at age 67.

The Red Pen: My Memoir, Edwin Guthman

I Am a Digital Monkey

Death and Taxes

Not My Cup of Sweat

Mental Floss Magazine

Postcards From the Edge

Bob Marley, Music Man, Man With a Mission(pdf)

Five Caesars(pdf)


Let's Get Graphic(pdf)

Dead Guy Interview: Huey Long(pdf)

Yoga International

The Accidental Yogi(pdf)(December 31, 2012)

There was a time—and not so long ago— when I thought yoga was a bizarre circus routine where sinewy, limber Indian contortionists in need of a shower bent themselves into pretzels to the beat of sitar music.

Down Dog!(pdf)

Yoga-Phobic Tendencies

Bikram: Not My Cup of Sweat

On the Road Again(pdf)

New York Times Syndicate, Lifebeat Series

The Cheat Sheet: Star Trek(pdf)

The Cheat Sheet: Mata Hari(pdf)

The Cheat Sheet: Kellog(pdf)

The Cheat Sheet: Salvador Dali(pdf)

The Cheat Sheet: Dead Sea Scrolls(pdf)

The Cheat Sheet: Battle of the Sexes(pdf)

The Cheat Sheet: Miles Davis(pdf)

River and Sound Review

California Magazine

The Before Noon Drinking Club(pdf) (February 25, 2005)

Law & Politics Magazine

Seattle Magazine

A Strange Encounter(pdf)

The Father Life

The Family Jewels(pdf)

Conscious Choice Magazine

The Yoga Diaries

High Times