Higher Ground is the World's first entertainment and news program highlighting the historical culture shifts taking place around cannabis. Think of it as The Daily Show meets Fox & Friends…just with more stoned people.

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Cheech Video(higherground, Feb 2015)

Journalist Michael Stusser (host of Higher Ground) pops in the passenger seat to discuss the new era of marijuana with Cheech Marin.

A Stoned TED Talk

Host Michael A. Stusser gives a stoned TED talk on the incredible and outrageous products available for cannabis consumers. From $100,000 glassware to solid gold grinders to elegant canna-fashion, The High End covers it all.

Comedians In Cars

Comedians in Cars... Apr, 2016

Comedians In Cars... Apr, 2016

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Profiles In Legal Canibis

Have you seen Higher Ground’s new series, “Profiles in Legal Cannabis?” Host Michael Stusser interviews the foremost thought-leaders in the legal cannabis profession, including ganjapreneurs, lawyers, farmers, and medical pioneers. Watch now!

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The High EndJuly, 2017

The Most Expensive, Outrageous, Over-the-Top Cannabis Products in the World. Read the article at Prohbtd

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