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The Katie Show

Michael was recently interviewed by Katie Couric regarding his award-winning documentary, “Sleeping with Siri.”

Read more about "Sleeping With Siri" here.

F*cking Fifty

Michael contemplates the financial, spiritual, and romantic consequences of getting "Old".

“Sleeping With Siri” Film Trailer

Digital Madness

Michael Stusser writes about the effect technology is having on our culture - and our flea-brains - in his “Digital Madness” column

ScreenSpotlight Review of Sleeping With Siri

ScreenSpotlight writes:
Sleeping with Siri is not only the best film short we here at ScreenSpotlight have ever viewed, it is also one of the best movies on the market today.

Yoga by Equinox Parody

Michael’s Yoga Parody has officially gone viral! After a yoga instructor was criticized for creating a sexy and awe-inspiring video. Stusser parodied it to break the ice and remind us that yoga is, indeed, for every body.


Michael Stusser and Marty Riemer have created the TechTimeout, asking students to set aside their digital devices for a few days to experience the real world - and perhaps even make eye contact!

The Unlikely Buddhist (NPR Interview)

Michael Stusser sat down with KUOW's Megan Sukys to talk about keeping his mouth shut, while still "bringing the funny."

Higher Ground

What do you get when The Daily Show meets High Times? Stusser’s Higher Ground!

Amazon Prime Launches New Ad Campaign

Amazon's new service, Amazon Prime Air, delivers products to your door with a fleet of aerial drones in 30 minutes! Insane publicity stunt? Or the future of customer service? You be the judge! (Oh, and as far as Google's Project Wing goes? They can suck it! We're FAA approved, and we're ready to FLY!)